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AN: Charger Sport returns

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The Dodger Charger Sport AWD package, a Canadian option plan, will continue for 2014 Dodge Chargers. For C$1,195 on Charger SRT, or C$1,395 on Charger SXT/SXT Plus, buyers get a gloss black grille, 19 inch polished aluminum wheels with glossy black pockets, paddle shifters, transmission sport mode, Beats audio with ten speakers and 552-watt amp, body-color rear spoiler, and sport seats. V6 cars get boosted to an even 300 horsepower, as well. The list price for the full package in the 2013 model year was C$37,090 for SXT Sport AWD. By comparison, the Ford Taurus SEL AWD was $891 cheaper, but had lower power and torque, a six-speed instead of an eight-speed, 18-inch wheels, no paddle shifters, lower gas mileage, and six-speaker audio. The package can already be ordered, and is, for Chrysler Canada, the only AWD Charger that will be sold during its production run, expected to be from..

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