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JRS200x said:
India has an extremely large number of wealthy to very wealthy people. They don't have a giant middle class and there are lots of people that are poor by our standards, but you gotta remember just how many darn people are in India. This isn't the US with 300 million people. The amount of people that can afford a Jeep in India is plenty to justify making one for them.

EDIT: I should add though that the Indian middle class IS growing rapidly, very rapidly. India is actually a technology powerhouse as far as the number of good paying tech jobs that exist there.
lol, talk about a lack of middle class. Although India's middle class has grown, and continues to grow. Both China and India are unusual animals. Both the most 2 populated countries with over 1 billion people, then the US in a distant 3rd. Both nations have no shortage of wealthy people - but there are indeed many very very impoverished areas of the nation. It's not to say they don't exist in the US of course, but not on a scale as large as those nations.

But yeah, one can't make assumptions about what can be sold in those nations unless they are very familiar with the economic make up of the countries. I have a very limited understanding, but thanks to family and friends who have traveled, and also lived there I have a very vague understanding.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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