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'Bout time FiChry are dipping into their stores of Small Diesels. Would like to see more of their stuff available as thoughtful choices among CDJ's line-up.

One question is : " If they Federalize an engine (limiting to just Diesel power for the moment) for one car, does that mean that the engine is good for any other model FiChry chose later on - OR - do they have to turn round and Federalize that same engine for each model that they'd decide should have that engine? "

One other thing - the Fiat 500 is sold with their 1.3L Multi-Jet Diesel "over there." That 1.3L Multi-Jet might make the 500 a more well-rounded purchase if offered that way here. 85HP and 148LbFt TQ

With that engine here in the States, the 500 would likely exceed 40 MPG * CITY *
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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