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Chrysler Canada recorded a 2% rise in Canadian vehicle sales last month, selling the most vehicles in any February since 2000 (16,832) and extending its streak of year-over-year gains to 39 consecutive months. Car sales were up 16%, while trucks were down 0.6%. Ram pickup was the No. 2 best-selling vehicle in Canada, while Dodge Caravan as the fourth best seller (at times, it has been the country’s #1). Chrysler was comfortable ahead of #2 Ford, despite Ford’s 5% sales hike, with 16,301 sales. This is the second month Chrysler has been the top seller of cars and trucks in Canada. Ram, Wrangler, 200, and Town & Country had record Februarys; the Chrysler brand minivan saw four times the sales of February 2012, though the total was just 579 units. Ram sold 5,106 pickups while Jeep sold 1,146 Wranglers. Overall, Chrysler sold just 2,794 cars, the remainder being trucks, SUVs, and..

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