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In Chrysler’s second-largest market, Canada, the company reported its best March sales since 2000, with 24,173 cars and trucks sold — a 6% increase over March 2012. With 7,476 sales, Ram reported its best Canadian month in history. Town & Country doubled its March 2012 sales (though only 793 were sold), setting a new March record, while Dodge Dart more than doubled its February 2012 sales. Ram is now the #2 best selling vehicle in Canada, with Dodge Grand Caravan slotting in at #5; and Chrysler claims to be the largest seller of vehicles in Canada for the first quarter. Ford edged out Chrysler sales in March, by around 500 sales, but Chrysler had a large enough lead to take the prize for the quarter. Ford’s gain, like Chrysler’s, was largely based on pickup sales. GM Canadian sales were down 10.9% in March but the company said pickup sales rose..

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