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Tomguy said:
Just curious if the 300 selling slowly is supply rather than demand? Dealers around me have 15 in stock for the 4 major dealers (including 2 SRTs). For an area with over 500k people metro pop (Scranton city has 76k and WB has 41k plus all the 'burbs) that seems a bit low.
This was discussed in the sales thread. There have been parts shortages.
That said:
The 300 has moved upmarket with the dropping of the stripper models.
Sales are off, but profit up, on each unit sold.
If Chrysler 300 is to become the Brand Flagship, they don't need massive sales of stripper models and base models. That hurts the residual value and resell, it lowers the prestige of the 300.
As long as Charger and Challenger pick up the slack, the platform is OK, sales wise.
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