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AN: Chrysler de Mexico gets into tires

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According to Allpar’s long-time member “Mr. Source,” the new chief of Chrysler de Mexico, Bruno Cattori, told dealer service managers that they will start selling Bridgestone and Firestone tires, including covering warranty work. Mr. Cattori said that Chrysler dealers were losing customers when they had to send customers elsewhere for tire replacements and tire warranty work. Firestone and Bridgestone are brands of a single company, Japan-based Bridgestone, which acquired Firestone in 1988. Mr. Source also wrote that Mr. Cattori, a Mercedes import, has yet to start driving a Chrysler product; instead, he is driving an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Chrysler de Mexico also handles sales for Fiat and Alfa Romeo, though the two brands are a small part of their overall sales; Chrysler de Mexico also sells Hyundais, rebadged under the Dodge name (but leaving the stylized “H” logo), partly because under Daimler, the company had no subcompact or compact sedans of..

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I remember when it was announced that dealerships in the US would get in to tires, and at first I thought it was ridiculous. Then came the craze of upsizing wheels on brand new cars, and I realized that through the dealer, one could roll the cost of the new tires and wheels into the car loan. Someone was an diabolical genius with that one...

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... it also reinforces the desired “single stop” status for car dealers after warranty -- if we never go anywhere else, Mopar will sell more parts and more cars. It works for me because my dealer is well staffed.
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