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AN: Chrysler Foundation helps with OK tornado relief

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The Chrysler Foundation, the charitable arm of Chrysler Group LLC, is providing $100,000 to the First Response Team of America to assist in its efforts to help the people of Moore, Oklahoma and other communities that fell victim to the recent EF5 tornado that ripped through the Oklahoma City area. First Response Team of America is a nonprofit disaster relief organization thats assists local first responders with rescues and also provides help with cleanup efforts. The First Response Team brings with it heavy equipment including Ram heavy-duty trucks, multi terrain loaders, cranes, lighting towers, plasma cutters and a hovercraft for water rescues. Working with The Weather Channel. the team tries to predict where it might be needed and gets in position nearby, ready to assist. The team lends a hand with rubble and water rescues and cleanups, clearing roads and a variety of other, urgently needed tasks. “We know that..

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