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The Chrysler Town & Country won the Polk Automotive Loyalty Award in the “Minivan” category for a record 12th consecutive time. For 2012, 31% of all returning Town & Country minivan owners bought another Town & Country. Owner loyalty is defined by a household that purchases or leases another new vehicle of the same model or make as the one it already owns. The 2012 awards are based on an analysis of more than 5.9 million new vehicle buyers. “This award mirrors the true Town & Country owner experiences ... on,” wrote Saad Chehab, Chrysler brand chief.

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The Pacifica (CS) was a nice euro-style wagon but didn't sell well, which I feel was no fault of its own. The first ones were fully loaded, then they backed off and you could get a more economical package. But it was probably too late to save it by then.
The Caliber (PM), Magnum (LX) and Journey (JC) never sold very well either, although I am glad that the Journey seems to be doing much better now.
This class of crossover vehicle should do better than it has been. Roomy, economical, safe and available AWD.
Chrysler still builds the best minivans.
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