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AN: Chrysler might, might not keep VW Routan

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According to Bloomberg (as reprinted by Automotive News), the future of the Volkswagen Routan -- a minivan closely based on the Chrysler Town & Country, built by Chrysler -- is currently up in the air. While Chrysler had contracted to build the van through 2014, none have been made since July, according to Bloomberg.

The Volkswagen minivan is not a clone of the Town & Country, incorporating numerous tuning changes, unique bodywork, and some interior differences, which became more marked in 2011 as Chrysler changed their instrument panels but left the Volkswagen as it was. Some reviewers have professed to preferring the Volkswagen look and feel, but customers have overwhelmingly preferred the Chrysler and Dodge versions; sales of the Routan have been disappointing, with 12,473 sold in 2011 and 15,961 sold in 2010. However, it should be noted that Routan sales have exceeded those of VW's own product, the..

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When looking for a minivan I had 3 choices. I chose the Routan for two reasons. The main reason was the styling differences, but I also liked the idea of having one that was not as common as the Chrysler and Dodge. I am very happy with the minivan, but after 3 months I am beginning to regret not getting one of the other two. There have been two times I could have used the stow and go seats, which I do not have. I will hate to see the Routan discontinued but if it happens it happens.
As noted in other threads, it IS possible to retrofit the Stow'N'Go seats from the GC/T&C into the Routan. The floor bins are there - just need the seats and mounting hardware.
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