Larry Vellequette wrote in Automotive News about Sergio Marchionne’s reported changes to the Five Year Plan:
  • The original plan called for three Chrysler brand vehicles to be built by Fiat in 2012-13; these have been dropped, and one existing car will be refreshed in 2014. (Mr. Vellequette believes this will be the 200, though the 300 is also a potential candidate.) Three new vehicles will appear in 2015 — most likely the new 200, a new 300, and the Town & Country replacement. The originally planned Chrysler 100 might have been one of the cars that was dropped, possibly due to slow Dart sales.
  • The small Jeep, built by Fiat, has been delayed until 2014; Allpar will report more on the reasons for this later today.
  • The Fiat-built Ram, most likely the Doblo, has been delayed by two years and will show up in 2014; two new Rams are scheduled for 2016 (since Ducato/Ram ProMaster is likely to appear earlier, one is probably a large van based on the Daily, and the other is probably a compact/midsized pickup).
  •  Two Fiat-made Dodges have been dropped, and three vehicles will get refreshes that were not part of the original plan. One will be this year (we believe Challenger), the others in 2014; a new vehicle will be added in 2016, and one, most likely Caravan, will be moved to a new platform in 2015.
  • SRT will refresh three existing vehicles in 2014 (most likely the LX cars, which should be moving to eight-speed automatics) and a new vehicle, we believe SRT4, will be added in 2016. The Viper will be refreshed in 2015.