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Chris Woodyard of USA Today wrote that Chrysler's strategy to increase sales in California has worked, in a big way: the brand more than doubled sales in the year to date (through the end of September), compared with the same period in 2011. In addition to Chrysler brand, Jeep gained by 35% (the sixth highest gain in California) and Dodge rose by 23.5%, according to the California New Car Dealers' Association (CNCDA) and Experian. Other brands with major growth included Kia (62%), Toyota/Scion (up 42% as it recovers from natural disasters in Japan), and Subaru (up 36%).

Californians buy more cars each year than residents of any other state, making it a key market. The state is passenger-car biased, with traditional cars accounting for 63% of sales, SUVs for 24%, and pickups coming in with a mere 13%.  The Detroit companies have had a relatively small market share in..

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