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AN: Cruisin' Nocona this weekend

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Nocona, Texas is a small town on the way from Dallas to Amarillo, not too far from the Oklahoma border. Once and oil-producing area and the home of two of the Lone Star state's premier bootmakers, Justin and then Nocona, the town went into a decline after the oil boom ended and the leathergoods companies merged and moved operations to El Paso. Over the past decade, the town has undergone a renaissance of sorts as old downtown buildings have been rebuilt and repurposed, turning the small town into a tourist attraction. Oilman Pete Horton has been one of the drivers of the rebirth of Nocona and has his 120-car collection there. This year Nocona and Vicari Auctions have teamed up for "Cruisin' Nocona," a two-day family-oriented event capped off with a classic car auction featuring some choice Mopars, including a customized 1940 Plymouth, a 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T, a 1970..

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