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AN: Cummins built 2 millionth diesel for Dodge

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Cummins produced its two millionth diesel engine for Ram trucks, the latest milestone in a partnership that spans four decades. The 6.7 liter turbo-diesel engine, rated at 800 lb-ft of torque and 350 horsepower, is, like all Cummins diesels supplied to Dodge and Ram over the years, an in-line six-cylinder. Distinguished by a “Cummins Red” rocker cover and breather, the historic engine, feted today at a Cummins plant in Indiana, will tour the country.

Fred Diaz, Ram CEO, said, “Both companies have benefited greatly, but Ram diesel customers are the real beneficiaries. Every day they experience the toughness and capability a Cummins-powered Ram can deliver.” Cummins began supplying engines to Chrysler Corporation in 1988. Today in North America, only Ram-brand pickups and chassis cabs feature the coveted Cummins “C” logo, though Nissan has started using lighter-duty Cummins V-diesels in their commercial vans. “I am immensely proud of our association..

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