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arcdude said:
This is a GT? The 2.4 liter engine produces, what? 184 HP? Still not nearly enough.
It's what Dodge said it would have when they announced it. Not nearly enough for what, exactly?

arcdude said:
It's too bad that Dodge created such a cool looking car but it has no guts.
Have you driven one yet? If not, then how can you even make such a statement? Numbers on paper are just that - great for armchair racing and Internet arguments, but not a replacement for real-world experience.

arcdude said:
I am sure the Ford guys are laughing at this "GT" when their Focus ST has a 2 liter engine that produces 256 HP. No contest.
Who ever said the Dart GT was intended to match up directly against the Focus ST? Apples and oranges.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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