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AN: Drowning a $150,000 Ram prototype

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Matt Hinton, the photographer, wrote: This brand-new Dodge Ram prototype was the star of a commercial being filmed at Moonstone Beach, about half a mile south. Some bright spark decided to go up the beach a ways where there were some interesting rocks. ... at that point, the $150,000 vehicle got stuck. One of the production managers told me this was the first time he’d ever lost a vehicle on a shoot. He was not a happy camper. Later, they managed to get a tow truck down there on the low tide, around noon. The tow operators were very skilled, and they got it out. The alternative was a sky-crane helicopter. The company may still have to deal with county, state, and federal agencies if there was any oil contamination. We were later informed that the truck stayed perfectly sealed, and there was no leakage of fuel or oil, an..

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You Tube is full of videos of people getting into these sorts of problems with vehicles at beaches. I hope that they thought to shoot video of this; at least it could bring in some viral attention.

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There are a lot of stupid people, and sometimes they get the keys to something expensive and screw it up.

Hopefully that prototype will be sent to some proving grounds for extensive long-term evaluation of how the salt bath has affected it, even if just the body and frame are long-term monitored.
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