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AN: Durango tail released

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Dodge has released the tail-lights of the new Durango on its Facebook feed. It appears that the company is using a new technology or design to create the illusion of a single light source in the “racetrack” tail-lights. Many expect Dodge to release the 2014 Durango at a scheduled press conference next Thursday. The tail-lights are remarkably similar to the rendering done by Susan Rand a month ago:

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Mike V. said:
Fiat is a Fiat? There isn't a Fiat version of this vehicle.


I think it would do well as a global vehicle. Either as a fiat (bigger than the Journey to compete with the likes of the VW Touareg, Citroen C-Crosser, and the various Jap and Korean large Crossovers) or as a Lancia/Chrysler (to compete with Audi Q5-Q7, etc.).

BTW: Autocar (UK) online states that this thing is now going to have the 3.0 VM diesel. Fact or fiction?
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