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AN: Executive pay: Bang for the bucks

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Last week, a storm arose over a leaked document that said General Motors was going to pay CEO Dan Akerson over $11 million for his services in 2012. GM quickly refuted the leak, saying Akerson had specifically asked that his compensation remain the same as it was in 2011: $9 million, including a $1.7 million salary, stock grants, stock options and certain expenses. Akerson's actual take-home was about $11 million, but $2 million of that was gains from previously issued stock, so it really doesn't count. Since GM executive compensation is still subject to government oversight because the Treasury has not yet been repaid the billions of dollars loaned in 2009, various members of Congress, including Darryl Issa (R-CA), wanted to know why Akerson was making $9 million. On the other hand, GM has been very unhappy about the government's control, saying it makes the company uncompetitive in recruiting and..

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