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AN: "Farmer" ad reaches 10 million views

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When Ram aired its two-minute "Farmer" commercial during Super Bowl XLVII, the Chrysler division pledged to make a donation to the National FFA Organization for each view of the ad, which was posted on YouTube. Chrysler today reported the milestone of ten million views  was reached in less than a week, triggering a millon-dollar gift to the FFA. As of today, total views exceed 18 million. “The compelling images in the video of America’s heartland mated with Harvey’s 'So God Made a Farmer’ words resonated with viewers nationwide,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer. “We set out to create a call-to-action to support farmers and to recognize their place as the foundation of the American character and are gratified with the dialog the video sparked.” “’Farmer’ is about having America appreciate everything that farmers and farm families do on a daily basis and captures the hard work, determination and..

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