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At first glance, February 2013 Chrysler Group sales might look disappointing, especially with Sergio Marchionne's warning that this might be the last month in a nearly three-year string of year-over-year sales gains. However, comparisons to both February 2012 and January 2013 provide a bit of very important context. In terms of percentage growth, February 2012 was a tough month to beat. February 2012 sales skyrocketed 40.4% compared to February 2011. January 2013 sales were up 16.4% over the first month of 2012. Yet Chrysler beat last February by 4.1% and beat January by 18.1%. Despite sales that were down 17.8% from last February, the Dodge Grand Caravan came back to claim the top spot in the minivan segment, beating the second-place Toyota Sienna by more than 1,200 sales. The Chrysler Town & Country outsold the Honda Odyssey to take the third spot in the rankings. The Sienna still has the..

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