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AN: Fiat works for Chrysler-Europe

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According to Automotive News sales data from Europe, Fiat's distribution and branding strategy has brought strong gains for Chrysler Group sales despite a falling European market. While Jeep Grand Cherokee's redesign may have been responsible for a much of the rise in Jeep sales, which covered all continuing models, the sharpest sales increase was for the Dodge Journey. Sold in most countries as the Fiat Freemont, the Journey saw its sales nearly double from 2011 to 2012; however, the name change corresponded with a refresh of the vehicle itself, and by becoming a Fiat, it reached many, many more dealerships than a Lancia, Chrysler, or Jeep could. The jury is still out on Lancia Thema and Voyager, whose sales plunged when they were renamed from Chrysler to Lancia. Thema starts at a higher feature level and price than Chrysler 300C in the United States, and Voyager is also well-equipped,..

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