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Last year, Allpar reported that Chrysler had been working with government officials on tax abatements for a plant in Tipton, Indiana, which would bring an estimated 850 new jobs, (according to the Indy Star). The site is a plant built and then abandoned by a Getrag and DaimlerChrysler joint venture; the abatement was for the tooling, which would cost $49 million. The total investment would be $162 million; the plant itself had an asking price of under $40 million. Chrysler's Jodi Tinson said the company needed more transmission production capacity, given recent sales increases; insiders said it would produce nine speed automatics, starting in 2014. Chrysler plans to make six-speed, eight-speed, and nine-speed automatics in Kokomo, as well. While Chrysler was the first to announce use of the nine-speed automatic, Land Rover is the first company to unveil a vehicle using it, at the Geneva Auto Show this week. It is still..

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