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AN: Five Chrysler recalls

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Chrysler issued four recalls today and clarified a previous recall statement. The controversial Jeep Liberty/Grand Cherokee bumper-strength recall, which mainly covers models over ten years old, will take place worldwide and will not be restricted to the United States. [caption id="attachment_19594" align="alignnone" width="762"]

The Chrysler 200 was one of the Top 20 bestselling vehicles in March.[/caption] No accidents or injuries have been reported in the following cases, which appear to have been discovered during Chrysler’s intensified quality control and warranty observation processes. In each case, Chrysler will notify customers; if the recalls are not completed, dealers are supposed to remind customers when they come in for service or extended-warranty inspections. Around 1,600 Ram 4500/5500 4x4s from the 2013 model year, most of which have not been sold yet, may have an incorrectly installed track-bar fastener. If the wrong bolt was used, the fastener will be replaced. Nearly 70,000 4x4 2013..

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Still no sign of them completing the Ram 1500 rear axle fastener recall. The parts are still "not available", months later.
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