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AN: January from a Chrysler perspective - Update

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Chrysler Group sale rose again in January, though this time, instead of leading the pack, Chrysler was in the middle of the Detroit 3 automakers, thanks to a 21.3% surge in Ford sales for the month. Toyota's gain was even larger, at 26.6%. Chrysler's 16.4% gain easily outdistanced Honda's 12.8% and it kept Chrysler with a firm grip on fourth place among the major automakers. General Motors sales were up 15.9% as it maintained the top spot. Toyota is pushing hard on Ford for second place. At the end of the month, the top Japanese automaker was just 8,138 sales behind the blue oval. With double-digit improvements from all three companies, the Detroit share of the market rose in January, hitting 45.8% of total light vehicle sales. Passenger cars were the growth drivers for Chrysler in January: Car sales accounted for 36.8% of all Chrysler group sales, down from December's..

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