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It is not April 1, but Toyota’s Scion brand still came in dead last  in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study (IQS), which measures the number of problems on vehicles after 30 days of ownership.  GM had two brands (GMC and Chevrolet) in the study’s top five; Chrysler had none in the top ten. This is the first time in the study’s 27-year history that GM or Chevrolet have been in the top five, or that GM as a company has come in on top. The most trouble free vehicle was the Lexus LS, which was freshly redesigned for 2013, with 59 problems per hundred vehicles; the best brand was Porsche, with 80. GM’s four brands averaged 98, making GM the only automaker with less than one problem per car. Power redesigned the study for 2013, the first change since 2006, to include new features, and to switch from paper to..

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