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AN: Jeep "Most patriotic brand"

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Just in time for Independence Day, Brand Keys, a New York-based consumer loyalty and brand consultancy evaluated brands to learn which ones consumers identified as the most patriotic. The results were posted in a blog entry by Robert Passikoff, the company's president. As part of a brand values survey, Brand Keys asked for consumer responses to identify which of 197 brands they most associated with the value of “patriotism.” Brand Keys posted the top 25, led by the Jeep Brand with 98% of respondents naming the legendary American vehicle as the most patriotic. The only other automotive brand to make the list was Ford at No. 16. MOST PATRIOTIC BRANDS RANK BRAND RESPONSES 1 Jeep 98% 2 (tie) Hershey’s/Coca-Cola 97% 4 (tie) Levi Strauss/Disney 95% 6 Colgate 94% 7 Zippo 93% 8 Wrigley’s 92% 9 Ralph Lauren 91% 10 (tie) Kodak/Gillette 90% 12 (tie) New Balance/Harley-Davidson 89% 14 (tie)..

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