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AN: Jeep recall clarified

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Chrysler Communication’s chief, Gualberto Ranieri, clarified the company’s “customer satisfaction action” with regard to the safety of certain Jeep vehicles in an accident: “All 1.56 million vehicles will be inspected. If a vehicle doesn’t have a trailer-hitch assembly, Chrysler Group dealers will install a new trailer-hitch assembly to better manage crash forces in low-speed impacts. Aftermarket trailer hitches will be inspected, and if the hitch is determined to be inadequate or if it has sharp edges, it will be replaced with a new trailer-hitch assembly. While vehicles with factory-installed and Mopar trailer-hitch assemblies will be inspected, it is likely that those vehicles will require no further action.” One reason for checking aftermarket hitches is because some are poorly designed; in one accident flagged by NHTSA, the owner of a Jeep had an aftermarket hitch with a sharp point which penetrated the gas tank (in an extremely unlikely accident involving a..

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