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AN: July schedules kept truck plants busy

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With the model changeover halting production at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, it's no surprise that Chrysler passenger car output was off 51% in July. However, it's good to know that the Belvidere Assembly Plant is cranking out Dodge Darts in higher volumes than seen in recent months. Dart production was off 3.7% compared to last July but up 108.2% compared to June of this year. Another 2,207 Jeep Cherokees went down the assembly line in July, bringing the total build so far to 3,089. Toledo was a busy place last month: factoring out the Liberty, Jeep volume was up 41.4%. Even with the Liberty, it was up 22.8%. Employees at Ram truck plants must be living off of Monster energy drinks and protein bars: Heavy-duty truck builds were up 81.2% and light-duty pickup output was up 51.8%. With the addition of the ProMaster/Ducato to the mix and a..

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