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AN: June from Chrysler perspective

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Four years ago, in June 2009, Chrysler Group LLC emerged from bankruptcy. That month, Chrysler's total sales came to 68,297, down 41.9% from June 2008. Last month, with 39 months of uninterrupted growth under its belt, a record unmatched by any other automaker in the post-2007 world, Chrysler delivered 156,686 vehicles, 129.4% more than June 2009. Compare that to General Motors, which was in the same straits as Chrysler: since June 2009, GM's volume has grown 51.5%. Ford's growth? 51.7%. Chrysler had a 7.9% market share in June 2009; in June 2013, that figure is 10.9%. In June 2009, GM's market share was 20.3%; last month it was 19.3%. Ford's share was 18% four years ago; today it's 16.7%. It's ironic that none of the analysts accurately predicted Chrysler's June increase but the average forecast of the analysts polled by Bloomberg News was right on the money: 8.2%. The..

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