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AN: Marchionne: no new brands, no cutting; Alfa's future

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Today, Sergio Marchionne said that there would be no additions to Chrysler Group’s brand roster — nor will there be any deletions. In answer to CNN Money’s Peter Valdez asking whether he was happy with the current brand lineup, the Chrysler Group CEO said, “I’m more than happy with the lineup. I don’t need any more....[and] We have no intention of reducing the number of brands.” He also said: When we looked at Ram, we made two decisions: One to carve out Ram from Dodge because we thought that the association was actually not helpful, and I realize that, for this one, we’re going against the grain. Ford has decided to go with an oval strategy across the whole range [one brand], and we’re the only ones that keep on carving up or have carved up our brand name portfolio into more distinct pieces. But our ambitions for Ram was..

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I can understand the RAM/Dodge decision as it relates to GMC/Chevy. You don't see any GMC badged cars driving around. They're all SUV/Trucks. Although, Chevy also sells SUV's and trucks.

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As does Ford.
I understand the effort to find a brand name that includes I'veco and rebadged Fiat's sold in the US, but there is no reason to drop the Dodge name here.
Isuzu, Transit Connect, and others are sold here under GMC and Ford nameplates, Sprinter sold here as Dodge it was simply silly to rename Dodge Ttrucks and disrespect 99 years of Dodge History.
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