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AN: May from a Chrysler perspective

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Shortly before the Memorial Day weekend,'s Jesse Toprak became the first industry analyst to release a forecast of May sales results. His prediction called for an 8.5% increase in General Motors' sales and a whopping 20% jump in Ford sales, but a 6.5% drop in Chrysler Group sales. This caught our attention: Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne had already said a break in Chrysler's string of month-over-month sales gains was coming and we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop since March. However, Toprak's projections showed Honda outselling Chrysler in May, dropping Chrysler to fifth in the pecking order. The following week, more seers reported in and most of them saw Chrysler's streak continuing for a 38th month. Patrick Archambault saw a 15% surge in Goldman Sachs of Canada's crystal ball; of the remaining 11 prognosticators, two saw shortfalls and nine saw gains, all falling within the 21.2-point..

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