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Chrysler has made a final decision about which brand(s) will get a minivan, design chief Ralph Gilles told Allpar this week. When we asked at the New York Auto Show about the new design direction for Chrysler and Lancia would affect the new Chrysler minivan, Mr. Gilles said that the question of which brand or brands are getting a minivan was “decided internally, but they’re not decided externally. We don’t talk about what we’re doing externally, because we don’t want to cause any undue concern with our dealers or the public. But internally, the plan is quite cemented and we’re well on our way. We’re deep in development right now.” Sergio Marchionne had told Allpar and other outlets in January, at the Detroit Auto Show, that the new minivans would show up around 2015-2016, and that their architecture had been determined. At the time, he said that no final..

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You can see what way this is going to go. It will be the T&C and they will price themselves out of the market again like they did with Durango. They should keep it as a Dodge and keep it a value oriented vehicle that you can still get for $18000 to 20000 if you want. The current AVP package is a great value. I was hoping it would be around in a couple of years so we will see.
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