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AN: New Rams head to dealers

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Fresh from its victory in the Lone Star state, the 2013 Truck of Texas, the Ram 1500, is on its way to dealers across the nation. Yesterday, nearly 200 dealers gathered at the Palace of Auburn Hills, a sports and entertainment venue, to pick up new Ram 1500 Big Horns for delivery to dealerships across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. The event was one of several across the United States that the automaker is hosting as part of the truck’s official launch. "Dealer drive-away events give the Ram Team an opportunity to pass the energy onto our dealers and see them react first hand to the new 2013 Ram 1500," said Bob Hegbloom, Director Ram Truck Brand. "Best-in-class 25 miles per gallon, exclusive features such as air suspension and the awards we have garnered help drive the enthusiasm." Dealers have lot to be excited about: Ram engineers upgraded every..

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I speculate that they are better for attracting public attention than for exciting the dealers. Dealers are used to new cars coming in, and many salespeople aren't themselves car enthusiasts. On the other hand, seeing a small fleet of new vehicles caravanning down the highway can get the attention of the buying public who are interested...
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