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AN: No new Cherokee front?

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Following criticism of the styling of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, Automotive News spotted a new KL Cherokee mule on the streets of Los Angeles. While Larry Vellequette’s article in Automotive News noted that this did not necessarily indicate the testing of a new front fascia, Allpar readers were far less restrained in dismissing the idea. In our original article, we noted that the changes required to move the headlights up would be expensive, involving changes to lighting, wiring, durability, cooling, aerodynamics, and crash behavior, and that time was short before the Cherokee’s volume launch. While the mule is closer to the critically acclaimed “teardrop” headlights of the PT Cruiser than to the triple-row lighting used by the much-maligned Pontiac Aztek, several readers pointed out that it is not unusual for old mules to still be used after the body is finalized — and that the photo captured last week is similar to spy shots of..

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Stratuscaster said: one is willing to see it in person and give it a chance?

That's disappointing, too.

I have learned over the years that a picture of a new vehicle is very different than seeing it in person. I am taking my son to the NYIAS as he has a baby on the way and the Cherokee is a perfect fit for his new lifestyle.

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