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The next generation Jeep-branded mid-sized SUV will most likely be released at the New York Auto Show in April, according to production timing released by Sergio Marchionne this week. The Chrysler-Fiat CEO set a policy of only unveiling cars within 90 days of production, and given the possibility for delays (given the combined renovation of the factory and production of a new vehicle using a completely new transmission and a new engine), New York seems more likely than the much earlier Chicago show. The name of the vehicle has yet to be released; Marchionne referred to it alternately as the “D-SUV” and the “Liberty replacement” in recent talks. Allpar predicted months ago that it would use a 3.2 liter high-efficiency version of the Pentastar V6, which is projected to be rated at 240-260 horsepower with substantially higher gas mileage than the 3.6 in similar applications. A VM diesel is..

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