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In May 2012, Italian president Giorgio Napolitano adopted a Chrysler 300C-based Lancia Thema. The armored car was revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and replaced the Thesis, at the request of the Italian government. The Thema is a customized dark blue (“Blu Canaletto”), the same color as past Italian state vehicles; it maintains a luxury car  comfort level while giving highest security, using advanced materials for  anti-ballistic protection. The Lancia Thema was the first car to combine the performance of the Chrysler 300C chassis “with the luxury of Poltrona Frau® leather interiors, the hushed silence of the great Lancias, and the attention to detail which are the best expression of Italian manufacturing,” according to Andrea Pallard, Lancia, Mopar, Fleet, and FGA Capital press officer. During the past 60 years, Italian presidents have always had Lancias at their disposal. The tradition, Lancia’s way of honoring the Italian government and..

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