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DaveAdmin said:
Yup. I think they want to build on the momentum they think they've created already by having something land early. I don't know how that'll work wrt regulations and such, wouldn't they need to use the ProMaster base rather than the Ducato base? I would not get one of the early ones... rushing things out's never good.

It's nice to see, though, that we might be getting an alternative to the sprinters.

Of note, it's a German company and it does use Mercedes chassis for its bigger models, but Fiat for its medium sized ones.
FYI, The Ducato (in either FIAT, Citroen or Peugeot badging) OWNS the Euro RV market with a market share above 50% regardless which market it is sold on or which RV manufacturer uses it as a base.

True the market share is even higher in Italy or France, but it's market leading even in countries where Fiat Cars are not so popular.

(The commercial vehicle part of Fiat, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, has churned out big profits for Fiat largely thanks to Ducato's RV sales)
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