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mopar.muscle said:
They should've stayed with the Cummins. Yeah, I know Fiat owns half of VM, but VM is no Cummins and the 3.0 VM is too wimpy for a pickup. Had a Cummins been used customers would line up just to get that engine. VM does not have the chops in the US market that the Cummins name carries.
I too would have rather seen the small Cummins. I agree that Cummins is the best by far. As for too wimpy, 400 foot pounds, are you kidding. Large trucks all over the world use lower powered diesels for 10000 pound pay loads. What is this hangup people have with needing 800 foot pounds and 25000 pound hauling pickups. I have never, every seen a pickup hauling 25000 pounds. Other then ranchers or construction companies, the big Cummins 6 and Ford Power stroke are a waste of money.

As for the new VM, it's relatively new, around 2011 I think. It looks like a well built, strong engine. There is only one item I don't like and that is the 4 chain driven overhead cams. The chains and tension devices will be a weak point. Will these chains need replacement before 200,000? Gear drive is always better then 2 5 foot long chains but with overhead cams this is what we get.

Here is a link to some technical information on the motor and images

If this engine is solid and I see nothing weak about it, this is the setup I have been waiting for.

If only it would come to market with a good MANUAL transmission I would be ready to buy. I hate automatic transmissions especially on diesels.

One thing for sure. This is a much better setup then something like the ecoboost V6. There is no way a small V6 gas motor can put out the power of this diesel while running at 6000 RPM and have any hope of long term durability. It will never go 200,000 mile with out a rebuild and the turbos will be lucky to make it to 100,000. The turbo replacement alone will equal the extra up front cost of this diesel.

The only issue people must learn to deal with is that a diesel will not rev up like a gas motor. It's job is to pull not race.

All and all this is good news for some of us.
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