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AN: Ram making V8/8-speeds, despite rumors

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Despite its absence from Ram’s web site (in the Build & Price and economy sections), and misleading information temporarily posted to independent shopping sites, buyers can still order Ram 1500s with the Hemi and “TorqueFlite 8” automatic, according to a Ram spokesman. One reader, searching for this combination at local dealers was told that it was no longer made by one salesman, and confirmed the statement by looking at a competitive-comparison site, which declared the combination dead as of mid-April 2013. However, a Ram spokesman disagreed, and said it was indeed available. We have also confirmed this with a local dealer, who said that ordering was open, but that customers needed to order relatively soon or miss the window to get a 2013, as the allocation window will be closing. Missing the current window could mean ordering a 2014 model-year Ram instead. The eight-speed automatic is a feature unique..

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I was on the site last night after reading an article to check out prices and the Hemi & 8 speed were shown in that Build & Price.
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