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AN: Spotted: 2015 Chrysler 200 or...?

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According to photos caught by the increasingly prolific IndianAutosBlog, Chrysler is continuing to get a great deal of mileage from the Alfa Romeo sheet metal it used to hide prototype Dodge Darts; this time, it was attached to a bug-eyed hatchback mule which, from the front, appears to be a Chrysler 200/Lancia Flavia test car. If the powertrain and cooling systems are being tested, there would be little need for the rear to be in final form, which we would normally assume would be a sedan for American sale. The 200 is set to run with the TigerShark 2.4 engine and 3.2-liter Pentastar V6, both hooked up to a nine-speed automatic; European versions would come with a two-liter diesel engine. The 200 is set to be built starting in the first quarter of 2014. There are other possibilities, especially since we’ve been told that the upcoming Chrysler 200 sedan, due..

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