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AN: Tiny 2013 Avenger/200 recall

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Chrysler has recalled 1,934 of its 2013 Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger cars, built over the course of a single week last fall. The issue is that some fuel tank control valves may have been damaged while in transit from the supplier. Only sixteen cars are expected to be affected by the problem, which could cause stalling or a fuel leak. There have so far been no complaints, accidents, or injuries reported; the problem was discovered internally.

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These cars all go through hell before they show up at dealerships. The guys at these train yards etc are brutal on them and just don't seem to give a darn about them. I can't tell you the number of cars we have show up with damage that needs to be fixed. We get busted windows, dents, scratches etc all the time.

The best though was in 2011 we got an SRT8 Challenger that had its entire roof caved in. Guy had forgotten to secure a chain on the top of the truck and the whole trip then chain was bouncing up and down onto the roof of the SRT8, by the time it got here you had to drive it with your head out the drivers door because you couldn't fit in it. Fixed the roof and sent the car back to Chrysler. I am sure they auction it or something.
My own car was damaged on the truck, the manager came out to look it over with me, and he's the one who discovered it (fortunately, because I hadn't noticed). They had the "bumper guy" come out and fix it, and you can't tell anything ever happened, which I find amazing. But he said it was indeed very common. Explains why BMW ships their cars so carefully, and never on open haulers.
I've seen cars on open haulers with their bumpers rubbing against each other as they bounce along the roadway.

I guess that if there's no system of accountability and if some of the people doing the work don't have any pride in their work, then it just becomes normal. And since we don't seem to hold people accountable it'll just perpetuate.

The thing of it is, I expect a certain number of accidents or other problems, that happens. What needs to occur, though, is documentation when the problem is found. That doesn't mean that X employee is held to pay for the damage, but if X employee is responsible, then this needs to be noted, so if a significant pattern of damage attributable to X employee is observed over time, then that employee can be invited to work in a different industry where their actions, whether intentional or negligent, are no longer affecting such expensive property.
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It depends, the actual drivers that deliver the cars to the dealership ARE held accountable. If the damage isn't noted by them and reported BEFORE they get to the dealership and we find it, then the driver is actually docked the expense, if however it was done in the train yards and the driver notices it before loading the cars and documents it, then the company running the yard pays for it and not the driver.
and here I am with my nice new 2013 chrysler 200. JK.....recalls are not big deals to me.
Oh boy...wonder if I am in the biggie.
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