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AN: Tiny truck recall, NHTSA reply

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2013 Ram 2500s and 3500s with the premium headlamps, made by Fiat company Magnetti Marelli, are being recalled to adjust headlamp software to correct their aim and intensity. This change is being made in software and like the last five recalls, is being done based on internal investigations and not complaints or charges. In other news, NHTSA administrator David Strickland was quoted by Detroit News as saying that the Jeep recall request was about “seeking the truth,” and seemed to be backing off of the recall demand. He said owners of the older Jeeps (1993-2004 Grand Cherokee and 2002-2007 Liberty) could make their own choices.  He did say he believed the cars had an “unreasonable risk,” and said there had been 51 deaths from 32 crashes so far. Chrysler has been working with NHTSA on this investigation since 2010. Two years ago, Ford fought an NHTSA request over F-150 trucks whose..

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