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AN: TrueCar sees Chrysler sales up in March

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Contrary to warnings issued by Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne earlier this month, analyst Kirsten Andersson predicts Chrysler will report 170,091 new vehicle sales for March 2013. That would be an increase of 4.1% over March 2012 and a 22.4% increase over February 2013 deliveries and mark three years of consecutive month-over-month gains. In spite of a forecast 10.1% increase in Honda sales, Andersson's crystal ball says Chrysler will remain fourth by a healthy margin. Andersson forecasts a slightly larger 4.3% for Ford and a 13.0% jump for General Motors. She sees overall industry sales rising 4.5% compared to the same month last year and 23.1% compared to last month. TrueCar estimates General Motors spent the most on incentives with an average of $3,453, up 5.7% from last March. Chrysler was second, with an estimated average of $3,264, down 0.2% from last year but up 0.8% from..

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Soo, Chrysler did not rise as much as the industry if the estimate is right. It is sort of a loss in that sense (a miniscule loss of market share). But hardly alarming, first given Sergio's warning, and even with out his warning you'd be taking into account - spooling up 8 spd availability in the Ram, and GC. Awaiting the Dart GT, and IIRC reduced sales of the minivans - remember plants being shuttered, despite claims of bringing production in line with demand, it was suspected parts availability may be an issue. Plus of course the lack of Liberty sales. Also the Durango refresh should spur sales I would think. Most of those things could be addressed shortly. The Durango and Cherokee will come later. The Cherokee should easily match the outgoing Liberty's sales from last year, even if it doesn't completely leap frog it.

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bumonbox said:
The Cherokee should easily match the outgoing Liberty's sales from last year, even if it doesn't completely leap frog it.
I wouldn't put all of the sales eggs in the KL basket.
Past slow starts from the team include:
Dodge Ram 8 speed.
Dodge Ram 2013 HD
While getting off to a slow start is no indicator of eventual sales volume, it's also no reason to expect KL to come roaring out of the gate.

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There is nearly a full week of sales yet to take place.
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