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AN: USA Today calls Ram and Jeep spots top auto ads

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After tallying responses from 7,619 panelists, USA Today reports its Ad Meter  rated the Ram Truck "Farmer" spot as the best automotive commercial, followed by Jeep's "Whole Again" message. Commenting on the ads, USA Today's Bruce Horovitz wrote, "Chrysler proved a couple of things Sunday night that every Super Bowl marketer would do well to consider: Patriotism still sells. And so do longer tales told well, even in an age of instant YouTube clips." The Ram ad came in third, behind Budweiser's tale of a Clydesdale and its trainer, that included a Ford-supplied F-150, and Tide's "Miracle Stain" tale of a Joe Montana-shaped ketchup stain. Jeep's spot was rated fifth, sandwiched between Dorito's "Fashionista Dad" and Kia's "Space Babies." 2013 USA TODAY AD METER RATINGS: AUTOMOTIVE Rank Company Title/Description Secs. Qtr. Score 3 RAM Farmers 120 4 7.43 5 JEEP Whole Again 120 HT 7.2 6 Kia Space Babies 60..

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