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AN: Warren protester suspended

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Chrysler has suspended, without pay, 63-year-old Alex Wassell, a welder and repair man with around 20 years of experience. While Wassell organized a protest against new work schedules two weeks ago, the action is, according to Chrysler, not over the protest itself, but over his comments to the Detroit News, which violated Chrysler’s code of conduct (specifically, “engaging in activity constituting or appearing to constitute a conflict with the interest of the company.") The Detroit News article on the suspension reported leaked information on production issues which  may have come from Wassell, which would be cause for termination if traced specifically to him. They also quoted him as saying that the shifts would hurt morale, and that quality issues are a problem when morale is low; the headline was far more damaging, insinuating that Warren was having quality problems because of labor actions. Allpar sources have said that both Warren and..

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