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AN: Woodward: building a guide to Mopar clubs

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people join together to participate in the Woodward Cruise, slowly going up and down the famed Detroit road. This year, Chrysler’s Mike Driehorst is going to try to create a map of all the Mopar enthusiast groups will be gathering, to help members visit each others’ clubs, “join in the passion that brought the club members together,” and perhaps gain a few members. He’s asked that, if you know where a Chrysler enthusiast club (including Jeep, AMC, Dodge, etc.) is gathering, to email the name of the group, its focus, contact information, and where it will be during the Cruise.  For more, see his official blog entry.

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Somewhat off-topic here: does Dodge offer an official police package Challenger? Why I wonder is quite a few PD's are now running them as patrol cars.
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