Steven St. Laurent pointed us to another interesting FCA US trademark application: Atlantic.

Could there be a Chrysler Atlantic in the future? Many expect Chrysler to get at least one crossover, based on the Pacifica (with some Portal cues), and possibly two, with the second based on the Jeep K8 project.

Chrysler Atlantic

The  1995 Chrysler Atlantic concept car  was based on the curvy French coupes of the 1930s, including the influential Delahaye, Delage, Talbot-Lago, and Bugatti. Bob Hubbach penned the final design of the two-hundred-inch long car, powered by a 4-liter straight-eight engine made from two Neon engines.

FCA US applied for the trademark on June 19, 2017. There are numerous trademarks including the word “Atlantic,” from guitars to pension services.