The number of CRD-equipped Jeep Wranglers spotted on the roads of Michigan seems to be increasing, with Robert Evans catching the latest on I-696 in Southfield, Michigan. The driver took off when he noticed the photography. The Jeep had manufacturer's plates, but no labels listed "diesel only" around the fuel filler; it did have the CRD badging.

Jeep currently makes diesel powered Wranglers for export markets, using VM diesels. While domestic buyers have expressed interest in diesel Wranglers, at this time there is more demand for the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited than Jeep’s Toledo plant can satisfy, making the expense of engineering and certifying a US-legal diesel seem questionable. It’s possible the company is testing vehicles for export, or simply wants to make the Wrangler more attractive in case demand wanes in the long period before it’s overhauled again.