In May, Allpar reported on the closing of Cavender Fiat/Alfa Romeo in Schertz, Texas. Now, less than eight months later, the lone remaining Fiat studio in the San Antonio area is closing.

Closed Fiat studio

Ancira Fiat, across the street from Ancira Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, is no longer selling new Fiats. A dealership employee said that there was a disagreement between FCA and Ancira regarding the building used by the “Studio,” and that Ancira was no longer able to sell Fiat brand cars as of December 13, 2015. Ancira’s web site shows 103 new Fiats still in inventory.

This is not the first time Ancira has been at odds with FCA regarding the building. Ancira was in the original Studio list, but the franchise opportunity was cancelled due to a building-requirement disagreement in early 2011. Just a few months later, Mercedes moved Smart into their main showrooms, freeing Ancira’s former Smart dealership to become a Fiat store in mid-2011.


Today, the former Fiat store is being called “the used lot” by salesmen.  An FCA spokesman wrote that the franchise was not terminated by Fiat, but by the dealership itself.

The closure is a blow for local Fiat owners, since the next closest dealer is 75 miles away in Austin. The nearest Alfa Romeo dealers are in Austin, Houston, and Corpus Christi.  The problem may be short-lived, as an FCA spokesman wrote that Fiat would open a new “studio” in San Antonio “once we find the appropriate dealer candidate and facility.”

unsold Fiats

The Ancira Auto Group is family owned group and has dealerships in the San Antonio, Eagle Pass, and Laredo areas, with eight brands at 12 facilities, not including recreational vehicle dealerships. Allpar was not able to reach official Ancira spokesmen for comment.