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Another new car

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I've been driving my 86 Reliant wagon all over lately and with the 5 speed it's been getting over 30 MPG consistently. (I did a tank at 36 MPG the other day.) So of course when I came across this 88 Reliant 5 speed wagon that matched I had to go get it...

As you can see it sat under trees for a while.

Yes, the rear end was facing north...

But it cleaned up pretty good. Most satisfying car wash ever.

Some maintenance, brake repair and tires and it should be good to go.
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Not many of them left here in MA. That's a great find, and the interior looks great! How much did you pay for it?

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Heck of a deal, and a pretty nice looking station wagon to boot.

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neon98rt said:
hub caps... plz
I know, right! It has a set of factory ones but I hate the 88 plastic/metal style. I'm putting together a set of the older all metal ones for it so it matches my other 5 speed wagon.

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